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Full Wedding Planning Services

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Plan your wedding while keeping your day job

Your busy with work, family obligations, social outings, and life in general. Planning a wedding on top of everything can sometimes feel like just too much. Your engagement should be celebrated and enjoyed, but when you’re stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed, it is difficult to relax and truly be present in the moment. This milestone in your life only happens once. This is your chance to really enjoy it.

We will help you create a wedding experience unlike any other — one that guests will actually WANT to attend. We’ve all been to weddings before that look like they’ve come right out of a box. Everything is the same or similar to weddings you’ve been to in the past. The music, the food, even the decorations all start to look the same. How can you make yours stand out? How can you make your guests excited to attend, instead of them dreading sitting through another wedding?

We will tackle it all

Not only will we work together to create an event experience your guests will enjoy and rave about, but you won’t have to kill yourself doing it! You will still have a chance to make all the decisions, but you will have someone there to help you through it. Someone to act as a sounding board, do your vendor research for you and even help you make a seating chart. There will still be plenty of small wedding activities to do with your bridesmaids and mom, but by keeping those tasks small, they can stay fun.

Luckily you have me. My specialty is helping you create a wedding that’s fun, stands out and doesn’t feel like another day job.

A glass of bubbly anyone?

In anticipation of getting to know each other better, I invite you to meet me for a virtual cocktail date. We will chat about your wedding vision and anything you might have completed so far. We will talk about the frustrations your facing as well as how to make your event stand out from the crowd.

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