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Other Event Planning

Plan your family’s special events without adding to your to-do list

You’re busy. We get it.
AND we want to help.

Don’t let those special moments in life slip by without a celebration because you’re too busy to plan a big party. Let us take care of the planning so you can relax and enjoy the moment.

Leave your hands free to snap all of the pictures your cell phone can store. Maybe someday you’ll have time to add them to a photo album (we can hope right?)!

Never miss another “did you see that?!?” moment again

Your event should as fun for you as it is for your guests. Enjoy it with them! Your only job will be to party with your guests and revel in the celebration.

Talk to me

Lets meet for a virtual cocktail so we can hash out the details. You can tell me more about the event you hope to plan and I can tell you a little about myself as well.

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