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I want to SAVE you money!

The average price of a wedding in New England – $26,000
The average price of a wedding photographer – $3,500
The piece-of-mind you get when hiring a Day of Coordinator – PRICELESS

I get this questions all the time – “Why do I need a professional Day of Coordinator (DOC), can’t my friend/aunt/cousin/sister do it?”

There are a TON of reasons using a professional is a good idea including:
-your friend/aunt/cousin/sister is also a guest and wants to enjoy their evening
-a professional knows the ins and outs, and how the event should run
-they communicate with the other vendors before the event, establishing professional relationships
-we are good under pressure and can make quick decisions when needed

But, one the most favorable (especially to those future husbands out there) is the amount of money you can SAVE. People tend to only think of a DOC as an expense, but a good DOC can help you save money AND keep your piece of mind. Here are a couple of ways a DOC can help save you some green:

1)      Extra Guest Meals – Caterers and venues providing food, require a final “guaranteed” guest count 7-14 days before the big day. Once this number is given, it cannot be decreased. What many brides don’t know, is that it can always be increased. The problem is that couples do not want to worry about giving the caterer an updated headcount on the day of their wedding. As much as people don’t want to believe it, there are always last minute cancellations. So if your final headcount is 104 people 14 days before the wedding, and then 4 people cancel in the last 2 weeks, you are stuck paying for 4 dinners no one will eat. With an average plate cost of $75 plus taxes and feed, that could mean your paying an extra $364.28 and GETTING NOTHING IN RETURN.

2)      DIYing Details – 90% of the time, DIYing anything is less expensive than buying it. The problem is, doing it yourself can be time consuming and if you DIY, then you need to SIUY (Set It Up Yourself). Most venues will not help with setting out items/decorations/centerpieces etc., leaving up to professionals to bring in items and arrange them for you. So for example, a professionally done candy bar can cost you anywhere in the high hundreds to low thousands of dollars. By purchasing the items yourself in bulk and letting a DOC set it up for you, you could save hundreds of dollars! The same concept goes for centerpieces, escort cards, gift boxes, cake table accessories, favors, etc.

3)      Overage charges – We’ve all been to a wedding where this has happened – the ceremony starts 15 minutes late, which throws off the start of the cocktail reception and the newlyweds take more than the allotted time to finish their photos, so dinner starts 45 minutes late and the next thing you know, you’ve gone 1 hour past the allotted time in your venue. Plus your photographer, videographer, band/DJ and transportation have all added another billable hour to their invoices. 1 hour in wedding time=LOTS of extra hours at the office making enough $$ to cover it. A professional DOC will sit down and create a DETAILED day-of schedule for each of the members in the bridal party as well as all the vendors. They will make sure that everything stays on time, cueing the photographer, transportation and DJ to keep you on schedule and keep your hard earned money in YOUR pocket.

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