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FAQ’s about working with a wedding & event planner in Boston or Rhode Island

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What will it be like working together?

My hope for you is to let me take the burden of planning your wedding of event off your shoulders, so that you can spend time doing the 110 other things on your list. We will have fun laughing and strategizing to make it the best event your guests have ever been to.

I like what I see, what’s the next step?

Next, we will set up a virtual cocktail date to make sure we are a good fit, and your date is still available. We’ll talk about your wedding vision, any frustrations you are having and the next steps in the process.

How much is it?

I don’t believe your wedding vision  or your planning needs fit in a box. With that said; pricing is variable and really depends on how you would like to work together. It is one of the many things we will address in our virtual cocktail date.

What services do you offer?

I offer a variety of wedding planning and event planning services. Each client is different, so I customize my offerings to fit their exact needs.

My venue has a coordinator; do I really need anyone else?

If you want someone to handle things like your transportation, lining your wedding party up at the ceremony, and keeping track of your groomsmen, then yes. Your venue coordinator is really there to make sure the correct food is served, manage the wait staff, and oversee the room to make sure nothing terribly wrong happens.

Where do you work

Most of our wedding & event planning happens in the Southern Boston, Providence and Newport areas, but we are happy to pack our bags and travel anywhere you would like us to be!


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