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Meet Courtney, Owner of Occasions by Courtney; A Wedding & Event Planner in Boston

Courtney Lampman wedding planner in Boston

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Hi! I’m Courtney, owner of Occasions by Courtney and a wedding & event planner in and around the Boston MA, Providence RI and New Haven CT areas.

My passion comes from creating events that guests are eager to attend. Where instead impatiently waiting for the cake to be cut so they can leave; they will send a thank you note because they had such a good time.

It is my goal to make people feel like they are sharing an experience with their guests, not just hosting an everyday event.


How I Became a Wedding & Event Planner

When my husband and I got engaged, I was so excited to plan my wedding and felt like it would be a breeze with my event planning experience. I knew that I didn’t want a typical packaged wedding. I wanted to host the party of the century! I wanted my guests to feel excited and emotionally invested in our marriage. I knew exactly what I wanted, but kept getting so frustrated with vendors who treated my wedding like “just other wedding”.

On top of that, my finance hated planning and didn’t understand how much work went into everything. The pressure and stress made it very hard to stay excited about the engagement. I’ve heard so many couples say “I just want it to be over” and was determined not to be one of them. When the wedding came, there were so many details that my vendors forgot about. Even though all my guests had an amazing time, and I even received a few thank you notes, it was clear that my vendors were not as invested as I would have hoped. When I started planning friend’s weddings and eventually launched Occasions by Courtney I knew I didn’t want to put my clients in the “package box”. I wanted to bring excitement and fun back to their wedding experience!

After my daughter was born, I started planning more and more kid’s birthday parties which lead to baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties, retirement parties and family reunions.

Some fun facts:

I am… CDO (that’s OCD in alphabetical order), passionate, obsessed with large dogs, unusually handy with power tools, a lover of lists, a bargain hunter, a complete foodie & self-proclaimed gourmet chef (at least my husband agrees), a Vermonter turned Bay Stater, and a Mom to a wonderfully energetic little girl.

And some more serious ones:

I started my career in corporate meeting planning, where I worked for 7 years before transitioning into special events. I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and also hold a MBA in Event Leadership from Johnson & Wales University.

Occasions by Courtney is based in North Attleboro, MA. We plan weddings & events throughout all of New England including Boston MA, Providence and Newport RI and Connecticut, and are also available to pack our bags and travel with you to your dream destination.

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