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5 Tips to Saying “Yes to the Dress”

Almost immediately after getting engaged, brides start shopping for their perfect wedding dress. For some it’s like a fairy tale, trying on the different princess gowns and playing dress up. For others it can be a nightmare of stressful decision making.


Photo by Nicole Montmarquet Photography

Here are 5 tips to help you in your search to find the perfect gown:

  1. Be open-minded: After you’ve looked through magazines and found styles you absolutely love, you might be hesitant to try anything different. The first time you try on dresses, the goal should be to point you in a direction of style that looks good on you. Be open to trying on different dress styles. Amazingly, most brides do not end up in the same dress they’ve pinned on Pintrest.
  2. Match your venue: Make sure to take into consideration your wedding venue. A flowing organza gown may not be the best fit for a Newport Mansion wedding. On the other hand a satin gown covered in crystals might not look right for a low-key beach wedding.
  3. Be wary about ordering a dress online: The price tag may be appealing for that designer gown you’ve had your eye on, but the old adage “You get what you pay for” holds true. According to Annemarie Therriault, owner of Couture Bridal in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, these designer dresses are mostly knock-offs being sold online illegally. She reports that brides are coming in with online dresses that are made poorly and do not fit. She says “A lot of times they spend more money in alterations or rush ordering a new dress than they ever would have by just buying a dress the old fashioned way.”
  4. Pick your audience wisely: You’ve probably all seen Say Yes to the Dress, so you know where I am going with this. Bringing too many people to find your wedding dress can make the process much more stressful. Conflicting opinions can confuse the bride and make her lose sight of what she really wants. Bring 2-3 trusted confidants with you and let them know upfront how much feedback you would like.
  5. Limit the number of dresses: There are literally THOUSANDS of wedding dresses out there. If you start trying on dress after dress, it will give you too many choices to choose from. Most bridal shops with tell you to limit yourself to 15-20. It will help you stay focused and allow you to make a decision more easily.

Have you said “Yes to the Dress”? What were your biggest surprises?

If not, who will you bring to help you find the perfect dress?

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